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Gelato & chocolate

An ever-ending story

The one between ice cream and chocolate is a story with ancient origins that tells of the perfect union between the creativity of its artisans and the finest and most authentic ingredients.
It is an encounter that can take place in infinitely different ways, each capable of creating surprising combinations: an enveloping dark chocolate ice cream that melts in the mouth, in a light chocolate sorbet, or in a rich variegate in which creamy layers and chocolate inclusions blend to perfection.

Each combination, with its own unique personality, offers a new sensation on the palate and takes you on a journey of discovery of new flavors and ingredients.

Discover with us our irresistible blends of ice cream and chocolate.

Exploring our chocolates

We are constantly searching for the pure and authentic taste of chocolate, for that extraordinary harmony between all the elements that make it up.
Ours is an ever-ending adventure in which we search for those combinations of ingredients that enhance its most precious olfactory notes.
This is how our chocolates come to life.

The secrets of balancing

When creating a recipe that combines chocolate and ice cream, achieving the perfect balance between these two ingredients is essential to obtaining an exceptional result.

That's why our Master Gelato Makers have brought all their experience to the table to define the steps needed to create chocolate ice cream from a unique white base, developing balancing charts that will accompany you in the creation of your chocolate ice creams with our bases JoyBase Leggera and JoyBase Talento.

To download them all you need to do is to review the recipe and click "Download the basic recipe and find out how to create the various flavors."

Essentials in your showcase

To have our chocolates and artisanal Italian gelato products from our JoyGelato brand in your display, contact us now.