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the Italian-made chocolate

A history of excellence, creativity and uniqueness

Chocolate is our passion, for this reason we are always looking for the purity of flavour and an authentic taste that surprises the palate at each bite. 
We have brought together our experience and continuous experimentation to find an extraordinary harmony and a perfect balance between each element, highlighting the most precious sensorial notes.

Get inspired by the IRCA Chocolate Line and discover our wide selection of fine blended and single-origin chocolates.

irresistible gelato with our chocolates

Combine the art of good gelato to IRCA chocolates with our ready-to-use base JoyBase Choco Tandem.
Made without artificial flavors, without palm oil and with coconut flower sugar, that enhances the flavor of chocolate, it will aloow you to create an artisanal ice cream with an extraordinary taste and an exceptional creaminess in your display. 

Combine it with dark and milk chocolates from the Reno Concerto, Sinfonia and Minuetto ranges.  


We love making chocolate, but we love doing it responsibly.
This is why we are a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation, an international organization committed to making the cocoa sector more sustainable and traceable by protecting forests, improving the livelihoods of farmers and empowering forest communities.