IRCA Academy

Welcome to our Academy

Our Academy offers specialized courses dedicated to the entire range of IRCA products: Chocolate, Pastry, Bakery and Gelato. Each macro-theme is combined with an educational path that can provide professionals in the sector with a complete overview of the product, from the selection of raw materials to the use, storage of the product, up to the management of the final product. Educating to the wise use of raw materials and high quality products is the ultimate goal of each of our courses!

The Academy

The Academy can accommodate more than 120 professionals simultaneously, thanks to two macro-working areas, equipped with the latest tools. The courses are developed in large dedicated spaces, where participants have the opportunity to improve their skills in the use of IRCA products and to know all the new trends, techniques and receptions.

Our Courses

IRCA Academy offers two types of courses: Creating Workshops, which allow participants to work personally and to face the difficulties of the subject, under the careful guidance of the teacher. And the Learning Workshops, which consist of collective lessons in which participants can acquire solid theoretical bases by observing the practical demonstrations of the chef teacher.

HR Technologies and Webinar:

The rooms have HD cameras that enable everyone to follow every step of the course with “close-up” coverage screened on strategically positioned monitors. IRCA has also put cutting-edge technologies to provide an inclusive virtual experience for the global distribution network in a remote way as well.

IRCA Academy Restaurant:

The Academy offers an elegant dining room that can accommodate up to 100 people for breaks, lunches, and aperitifs. During breaks between classes, our guests have the opportunity to taste the delicacies of the IRCA family prepared by our Ambassadors.

The rooms : One-to-Many

This auditorium has an audience of 90 seats and has as stage an imposing workbench, surrounded by a series of avant-garde equipment that supports the Chefs during the many live-sessions demos organized during the year.

The rooms : One-to-One

In this room, equipped with the best equipment offered by the market, there are 12 individual workstations, as well as several shared work areas. In front of all the working stations, there is the workbench dedicated to teachers, which from here show the secrets of their creations.

The Courses : Creating Workshop

Creating Workshops, as well as being an excellent opportunity to work for yourself and keep up-to-date with the latest market trends, are an opportunity to learn for yourself the great techniques of our Chefs, having behind the historical quality of IRCA products.

The Courses : Learning Workshop

The Learning Workshops propose a demonstration and a more theoretical approach, in which, through an analysis of the theme and the product, the participant has the opportunity to discover and deepen the most varied bread-making, pastry, ice cream, and chocolate topics.

The Company

Founded in 1919 in Gallarate, IRCA S.p.A. is one of the most important examples of excellence “Made in Italy” in the production of chocolate and semi-finished products for confectionery, bakery and ice cream. Inspired by the principles of quality and innovation, IRCA S.p.A. offers its customers a wide range of products, developed in R&D laboratories by a team of researchers using of the most advanced technologies. Since 2018, the IRCA family has expanded to include Dobla, a company recognised globally as one of the leading producers of high-quality chocolate decorations. Following this acquisition, IRCA has 6 production plants in Italy, Belgium, the United States and Vietnam. IRCA S.p.A. has always been synonymous with “Customer satisfaction”: with a sales and distribution network spread in over 100 countries worldwide.

If you can dream it, you can do it.