IRCA | Dolce Forno

Dolce Forno

Soft, airy, fragrant: if you are looking for the infallible recipe for the perfect panettone, Dolce Forno is your secret ally.

A unique mix of dehydrated sourdough and balanced flours will save you time and effort, allowing you to create delicious sweets with a unique softness.

Be at your side while you prepare your leavened creations: this is our gift for you!

Do you want to unwrap it now? Here’s what you’ll find: 

  • the right flour, tested to obtain the perfect leavening
  • natural yeast with balanced PH
  • a mix of balanced ingredients, for a guaranteed taste and quality
  • many recipes, already tested by our ambassadors
  • an infallible method, studied by our researchers.

In a nutshell: an excellent ally!

Dolce Forno is the secret that combines a technologically advanced preparation to the tradition of Italian pastry. Without preservatives and palm oil, it allows a simple and practical use, with safe and guaranteed results over time.

Panettoni, pandori, colombe, but also croissants and many other desserts: the use of Dolce Forno is as versatile as your pastry skills. 

Follow the recipes created by our ambassadors, and customize them as you wish, with fresh products and raw materials chosen by you, and a pinch of your creativity.


The Infallible Recipes

Your secret ally reveals the 2021 recipe book to you:


If the pastry has no secrets for you, and you simply need an ally to make your preparations soft and perfect, there is Dolce Forno Maestro.

A clean label mix without emulsifiers or aromas, a product in line with modern trends, which leaves even more room for your skills and your unique touch.

For some master sweets!