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The panettone of your dreams

We reveal you the secret to get it

Soft, airy and fragrant. Are you dreaming of leavened products like that? Then open your eyes because Dolce Forno will be the ace up your sleeve to get the perfect results you are looking for. 

Choose Dolce Forno and Dolce Forno Maestro our unique mixes, made of dehydrated sourdough and balanced flours, designed to prepare the softest and most delicious small, medium or large leavened products. 

Dolce Forno

The mix that combines technological research to the timeless tradition of Italian pastry.
Panettone, pandori, colombe, but also croissants and many other desserts: Dolce Forno is as versatile as your pastry skills. 

Dolce Forno Maestro

"Clean label" version of our classic Dolce Forno, it does not contain emulsifiers or flavors. 
It is a complete mix, unique in its kind to leave even more room for your skills and your unique touch to obtain master cakes!

The new recipes

Follow these recipes created by our ambassadors, and customize them as you wish, with fresh products and raw materials chosen by you, and a pinch of your creativity

A match made in heaven with Dolce Forno


Are you looking for the perfect almond glaze for your leavened products? Mandorglass Quick SP is our palm oil-free mix that allows you to create perfect almond glazes, simply and fast. 

The new Goccioloni

The IRCA chocolate drops that maintain shape and consistency even after baking, without melting or staining the dough, to enjoy the unique taste of chocolate. 
3 delicious varieties: dark, milk or white chocolate.

Give your creations a special touch with Dobla

Give your creations a special touch with Dobla

Would you like to have our products in your pastry shop, but you still have not a distributor?