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Top quality advanced powdered mix specially developed to make Italian pastry tradition specialities such as Panettone, Pandoro, Colomba and Veneziana.

Clean label version of classic Dolce Forno, it doesn't contain emulsifiers and flavours, it is the perfect mix for artisans who want to compete with the most modern market trends and give their own creative imprint to the recipes proposed.

Versatile and complete mix, it contains what is necessary to reproduce the sourdough already in the first dough for a characteristic taste and guaranteed results over time.

It is also available in classic Dolce Forno variant.

Main benefits

Clean label: no emusifiers and no flavours.
Versatile and customizable.
Complete: with the addition of only fresh ingredients, it avoids waste and guarantees constant results over time.
Right balance between shelf life and quality of an artisan product.

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