water g 3180
HARJA CREMA/CAKE - crema/cake g 900
fresh yeast g 19


- Start the dough with DOLCE FORNO, the yeast and 2/3 of the water in the recipe.
- When the dough begins to form, add the remaining water several times and continue until a smooth structure is obtained.
- Finish with the creamed margarine, which will be added 2 to 3 times.
- Check that the temperature of the dough is 26-28 ºC.

- Place to rise at 20-21 ºC with a humidity of 70-80% or if not covered by a nylon cloth, for 12-14 hours or up to a quadrupled volume.

- It is advisable to create a spy weighing 250 grams of dough in a 1 liter jug, when the next morning, the dough will reach the climax of the jug, the dough will be ready to make the second dough.


Plant based milk g 1780
g 180
water g 500
Margarine g 1780
caster sugar g 780
salt g 90
vanilla beans g 10
candied orange paste g 130
curcuma powder g 13
raisins g 2670
candied orange peel cubes g 1780


- Heat the soya drink, add the soya lecithin and the turmeric, mix with a hand mixer.
- make an emulsion with margarine, invert sugar, vanilla and orange paste.
- When the dough has quadrupled, place the leavened mass in the plunger, add the DOLCE FORO and allow to stir for 10 minutes, until the glutinous mesh is well formed. 
- Add the granulated sugar, salt and a part of the soya drink and leave to knead to form a lysine paste.
- Add the remaining soya drink several times and follow the water.
- Incorporate margarine emulsion in several portions. 
- Finally, add the candied fruit and raisins. 
- Check that the temperature of the dough is 26-28 ºC.
- Place the dough at 28-30 ºC for 45-60 minutes.-Scale the dough into 400gr pieces, roll up and place on trays and let it rise for 10-15 minutes at 28-30°C.
- Shape the dough into loads and place in the yule log paper moulds (500gr)
- Place in the leavening room at 28-30°C with relative humidity at 70-80% for 3-4 hours until the top of the dough reaches 1 cm from the top of the mould.

Advice: if the leavening room is unprovided of the humidifier, cover the dough with plastic sheets.


sugar g 1000
starch g 60
white bread flour g 60
Plant based milk g 720
sunflower seed oil g 160
g 72
Final composition

-After leavening, leave the panettone exposed to ambient air for 10-15 minutes to form a skin on the surface.
-Place a thin layer of glaze over the surface of the yule log and with the help of an angular spatula cover all the surface
-Sparkle with granulated sugar and icing sugar
-Bake at 160-165°C C for varying times based on the weight of the dough (about 25-30 minutes for 400g pieces) until it reaches a core temperature of 93-94°C.
-Once churned out from the oven, overturn the yule logs using the toothed racks.
-Let cool down the freshly baked yule logs upside down for a couple of hours before packing into the moplefan bags.

How to calculate the temperature of the water for the first dough:

If you are using a double arm mixer this is the right procedure. If you are using a spiral mixer, considering that it warms up the dough, lower the temperature at least of 5°C.
To obtain the right temperature, for example 26°C, follow this scheme:
It is mandatory to know and use 3 values:
1 )The value of the room temperature
2) The value of the DOLCEFORNO temperature
-3) he value of the used mixer (double arm 15, spiral or planetary 20)

CALCULATION: final temperature 26°C x 3 (fixed number) = 78 – Value 1 (e.g. 20°C) – VALUE 2 (e.g. 20°C) – value 3 (e.g. 15) = 78-20-18-15 = 25. 25 should be the temperature of the first dough if using a double arm mixer.

Labeling information

Soft wheat flour type 0, raisins (state ingredients), margarine (state ingredients), sugar, soy drink/soy milk (state ingredients ), orange candied cubes (state ingredients ), lecithin (soy)invert sugar, orange paste or chopped orange cubes (state the ingredients), natural sourdough (wheat), vanilla berries, turmeric, salt, yeast. The product may contain eggs, milk, mustard and nuts.

Recipe created for you by Mirko Scarani

Pastry Chef