facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | Veneziane-Brioches for ice-cream (direct method)


water g 150
milk g 150
eggs g 150
unsalted butter 82% fat g 150
yeast g 40
salt g 10


KNEADING: knead all the ingredients, except for the water which will be added a little at a time, untill a smooth dough is obtained. Let rest for 25-30 minutes then divide into 70 g pieces. Roll up the pieces, place them on sheets and leave in a rising room at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 60-80% for about 80-90 minutes.VENEZIANE: Cover with a thin layer of BRIOBIG or MANDORGLASS QUICK, decorate with coarse granulated sugar, dust with icing sugar and bake in a moderate oven at 180-190°C for 18-20 minutes. BRIOCHES: bake without decorating at 190-200°C for 12-15 minutes. WARNING: best results may be obtained by baking the sweets before the rising process reaches its peak. The above mentioned temperatures and baking times may be modified according to the operator’s discretion to adapt them to specific environmental conditions.


BRIOBIG g 1.000
egg whites g 600-650

You can replace DOLCE FORNO with DOLCE FORNO MAESTRO and follow the same recipe.