facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | PULLMAN BREAD (KORN FIT)


water g 5700-5900
fresh yeast g 300


Knead all the ingredients for about 15 minutes (spiral kneading machine), until the dough is smooth.

Anyway, keep on kneading until the dough is well elastic.

Make sure that the temperature of the dough at the end of the kneading is 26-27°C.

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes at 22-24°C, then divide the dough into portions (whose weight depends on the size of the pan you will use).

Before rising, the dough shall nearly half-fill the pan.

Let rise in the proofer room at 28-30°C, with relative humidity of the 70-80%, for about 50-60 minutes or, anyway, until the dough takes up the whole pan up to the edge.

Final composition

Bake at 220-230°C with a lot of steam, if you want to give bread a shiny gloss oustide, or sift some flour on top before baking.

Don't open the valve before the baking is done.


For best results, bake the loaves before they are fully risen.