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PAN MALTOg 10.000
Water g 4.500-5.000
Yeast g 500
Kneading time: 20 minutes
Dough temperature: 26-27°C
Resting: 20 minutes at 24°C
Weight scaling: 200g pieces
Leavening: 90 minutes at 24°C
Baking: 30 minutes at 200°C
KNEADING: the kneading time of 20 minutes refers to spiral kneading machines; those with plunging arms generally require longer times. In any case, continue kneading until a smooth,elastic consistency is obtained.
LEAVENING: the above mentioned resting and rising times refer to 200g pieces, and should be slightly increased for larger pieces or decreased for smaller ones. Protect the rising bread with plastic sheets. BAKING: the baking time refers to 200g pieces. It is advisable to bake slowly.