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With its bright green color and its strongly aromatic taste, it has really conquered everyone, confirming itself as an all-time-favourite all over the world. A fine raw material we love working with, that leads us to develop new products and to create new recipes that can enhance all its organoleptic properties to make our Clients enjoy its authentic taste.

Here you will find a selection of our best pistachio products to use both in pastry and ice cream making, to inspire your creativity and flair. Now it’s your turn to pick the right product for you, shall we start?

For insanely good artisanal ice creams

JoyPaste Pesto di Pistacchio

Pure pistachio paste with grains of selected, shelled and toasted pistachios. Coarser structure, intense and rich flavor thanks to the addition of salt which enhances the sweet taste of pistachios.

Joypaste Pistacchio Pura

The flavoring paste to taste the pure flavour of green pistachios of Bronte PDO. Round and enveloping sensation to ensure at every taste a perfect harmony on the palate.

For irresistible fillings

Chococream Pistacchio

The anhydrous pistachio cream, with a soft and creamy texture, perfect for filling your croissants, cakes and leavened products.
Created for you by our IRCA Masters.


A white chocolate and pistachio paste with crunchy pieces of butter crêpes ideal for filling mignon pastries, pralines and to enrich your entrêmets with a surprising layer.

For flawless coatings

Coverdecor pistacchio

Anhydrous pistachio cream ideal for covering donuts, éclair, puffs and baked goods. With a dense and elastic texture, it guarantees a flawless result and the cleanest cut without cracks.

Mirror Pistacchio

The mirror pistachio icing designed to make your masterpieces of modern pastry shine. Perfect coverage even on vertical surfaces and an exceptional free-burr cut.

Let our experts advise you

Once you have chosen the right pistachio product for you, let yourself be inspired by our best pistachio recipes studied and elaborated by our IRCA Ambassadors.