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New vegan chocolate

100% dairy free & full flavour

100% vegetable taste

There are multiple motivations behind the consumption of plant-based foods, and each one is as unique as the needs of every individual consumer. We firmly believe in the significance of each of them and actively strive to broaden our product offerings to meet all of them.

For this reason, we created two new varieties of Vegan and Dairy Free chocolates: one with a milk taste and the other a dark version, meticulously crafted to strike a harmonious balance between indulgence, taste and texture. 
Made for all those professionals who are ready to evolve together with their customers, sharing not only their values but also consciously embracing the changing food landscape.

Come discover now our new vegan and dairy free chocolates Cioccolato Vegan DF and Cioccolato Vegan Dark DF

All about pure taste

When we talk about the pure taste of chocolate, we speak of a chocolate without distractions or interferences.
It is a taste that highlights the true essence of cocoa, showcasing a natural richness and a depth that captivates all senses, from the visual aspect to the taste. 

To do this, we selected the best ingredients that are plant-based and of natural origin and work them in our technologically advanced sites where the absence of contamination by milk and dairy products are guaranteed

This is how Cioccolato Vegan DF and Cioccolato Vegan Dark DF were produced, for a dairy free and exquisite taste experience.

Only pure and natural ingredients

Cocoa butter

In our vegan chocolates, there is 100% pure cocoa butter, giving our chocolates an excellent palatability.

Rice syrup

Result of the germination of rice grain,  it is used as an alternative to milk for a surprising taste.

Chicory extract

Chicory root extract is the main source of inulin, a fiber found in many dairy-free foods, as a good substitute for sugar.

Understanding the art of working with vegan chocolate is of crucial importance. The mastery of chocolate processing hinges on precise temperature control, as it significantly influences the textureshine, and stability of your delightful chocolate creations, particularly in the case of vegan varieties.
In order to assist you in successfully navigating the realm of vegan chocolate preparations, we have dedicated this section to highlight the temperatures for all critical steps of the processing.

Please follow the indications both for the milk taste Cioccolato Vegan DF, and for Cioccolato Vegan DF Dark

Now let's work it


We suggest heating our Cioccolato Vegan at a melting temperature of 45°-50°C


To make your chocolate look shiny, smoother and with a clear snap, temper it at a temperature of 28°-30°C.


To avoid the risk of dulling its taste or altering its texture, keep a temperature control of 30°-32°C

Purely evolving recipes

Pastry always begins from the basics. For pastry chefs these foundational recipes form the very essence of our repertoire and are the building blocks of our culinary journey. We believe that also the most basic recipes can be mastered and renewed, evolving with the use of new techniques, and meeting different dietary preferences. For this reason, we reimagined our basic recipes and some classic pastry preparations using only vegan ingredients. 

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