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Our novelties for bread making

with 100% Italian tradition and taste

Bread making is an art made of techniques handed down from generation to generation, that we carefully continue to keep. We have been mastering this art since 1940, when we started to produce malt and malt extracts - natural improvers of leavening - in our first production plant in Via degli Orsini 5. We have always worked to enhance the simplicity and naturalness of the ancient Italian tradition through our products. With our Research & Development department and our expert bakers, we have created a new selection of bread mixes and improvers with artisanal quality and cutting-edge performance. 

Discover now 3 completely clean label mixes for a fresh, aromatic and crisp bread and our new natural enxyme-based adjuvant for soft breads and baked products.

York Soft, the natural improver

Natural enzyme-based adjuvant for the production of soft bakery products. An emulsifier-free formulation that ensures excellent and lasting softness, high humidity and a short chewing.  Ideal for soft leavened products, croissants and fresh bread.
Discover the whole York range.

IRCA bakery mixes

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