facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | Three colour gianduja
White almonds g 250
Icing sugar g 225
RENO WHITE 38/40g 200
Cocoa butter g 50
White almonds g 250
Icing sugar g 275
RENO MILK 37/39g 250
White almonds g 125
Toasted hazelnuts g 125
Icing sugar g 250
RENO DARK 36/38g 250

Mix and finely grind the nuts with the sugar and add the chocolate which has been previously melted at a temperature of 40-45°C thus obtaining three mixtures with different colours. Leave these mixtures to rest for at least 4 hours and then grind them once more. Roll out to a thickness of 8 millimetres and then assemble them with melted cocoa butter. Use a suitable cuttnig tool to cut into 11x22mm rectangles and cover with RENO DARK 36/38 or 40/42 as far as the edge.