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IRCA CREAMS: creaminess at its best!

What would you do with 24 more pastry chefs in your bakery?

Imagine having 24 chefs right by your side, highly specialized in combining and balancing the ingredients to create a perfect cream for any of your pastry creations.

24 are the ranges of creams that IRCA offers you: the result of more than fifty years of research and tests by our experienced developers. A careful selection of fine ingredients - whose entire supply chain we fully oversee - and consistent controls on them allow us to maintain the high quality standards that make our creams stand out.

Unique formulae, according to the wise Italian artisanal tradition, that blend into IRCA's most modern production processes: all of this to guarantee you the recognized, extraordinary creaminess and high-level performances of our creams.

Once again, our professionalism and expertise at the service of your creativity, for your every need, every day.

Filling creams

11 ranges of creams, perfect fillings for leavened products, croissants and pastries. Over 50 variants to meet any application or expense demand.

Different tastes and textures both for your classic and modern recipes, to allow you to satisfy the most demanding palates.


> Discover our creams for pre-bake filling

> Discover our creams for post-bake filling

Flavouring creams

High quality pastes to give a touch of personality to your own creams, whipped cream, mousse, bavarian or leavened dough.

Versatile and available in a wide range of flavors and textures, from our legendary Morellina to the most modern Flavouring Pastes with a soft structure and easy dispersion to avoid the formation of lumps.


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Creams for covering

8 ranges of creams, perfect for decorating your preparations.

Creams, jellies and frosting for your traditional desserts or to give a touch of elegance to your modern cakes.

High-level performances to make any of your creative ideas come true.


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> Discover our glazes and jellies


Superior quality creams for a unique taste and product experience. Precious and special ingredients for pastry creations that are able to satisfy the most sophisticated customers' needs, in search of modern trends in tastes and textures.

Discover our amazing new line of Finest creams, the very best of IRCA's development: filling creams for those who are not looking for a simple cream, but for new, surprising solutions in pastry.

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So why choose IRCA's creams for professional use?

Convenience and certain outcome
They are simple and quick to use.  They guarantee constant performance over time and high-quality craftsmanship.

They are a versatile, reliable and quality base for unique craft recipes created by your creativity.

High-quality raw materials
The full control of the supply chain of precious raw materials, such as hazelnuts and chocolate, is one of the distinctive features of our most representative creams.

Safety and shelf-life
The perfect mix of our developers' experience and modern production processes, allows our creams to adapt to different environmental and working conditions.


Our distinctiveness: harmonious synthesis of incomparable fusibility, richness of taste and olfactory persistence.

IRCA's creams have exceptional softness and lightness, a round and enveloping taste: why?

- They have an extra-ordinary point of fusibility on the palate, the result of melty and well balanced fluidity
- Innovation and constant research of selected raw materials allow us to achieve the perfect balance between taste, aromatic profile and olfactory persistence.

Sustainable Palm Oil

For all creams containing palm oil, IRCA chooses sustainable palm oil, certified by an independent and recognized authority.

What are the implications of choosing sustainable palm oil?

- respect for local plants and animals ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity;
- support for small landowners and safeguard of indigenous peoples' fundamental rights.

Unique Formulae

Recipes developed and tested by our cream masters, to meet all application needs, even those of the most advanced professionals and craftsmen.

What makes our creams unique?

- The ability to develop recipes that respect the rich collection of recipes and the wise Italian craft tradition.
- The research of advanced technologies and production processes, at the service of an evolving professionalism.