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Elevate your desserts

with Dobla chocolate decorations

For a sweet & feel good moment

Dobla chocolate decorations, with their unique and creative designs, are made to give pastry professional all over the world that perfect and exciting final touch to their desserts. Each chocolate piece is thought to elevate every creation, infusing every dish with a sense of speciality and enchantment.

Dobla 2024 Spring & Summer collection is a statement of such a vision, encapsulating the spirit of Love, Easter and that of the Spring & Summer season, with some Inspired by Pink cues. 
These decorations were specifically designed to embrace the concept of "playful indulgence and the power of cute" to provide a special and a feel-good moment for those consumers that are looking for more than just taste in their culinary experiences. 

Discover with us the magic of Dobla, where chocolate meets your creativity. 

Inspired by Love

Let's spread Love, one chocolate decoration at a time. 
There are love stories that are just waiting to be told through your desserts. 

Inspired by Love Dobla chocolate decorations were designed and crafted to leave an indelible mark on your customers' hearts at every bite.
Heartwarming cute cues and delicious flavors perfectly combine to cherish every moment and transform them into sweet memories.

Inspired by Easter

Hop, hop! Jump into Easter with our chocolate decorations.

Inspired by Easter chocolate decorations go from eggs adorned with delicate pastel-hued patterns, to adorable chocolate bunnies, that all together capture the essence of renewal, and the joy of new beginnings that the this time of the year represents.

Inspired by Spring & Summer

Seasons change, and so do we, evolving our tastes and desires. 

Dobla's Spring & Summer collection captures this natural evolution, embracing with every piece the vibrant spirit of spring and the glowing allure of summer, bringing a burst of color and texture to every creation. 
Designed to project your customers into sweet & savoury escapes, while making your desserts shine all season long. 

Inspired by Pink

Feel the joy of expressing yourself with Pink! ⁣

Delicate, soft, yet vibrant and energetic.
Pink, with its multifaceted personality, combines a symphony of emotions and sensations. 
⁣Our Inspired by Pink are more than just chocolate decorations, they are a means of self-expression, inviting you to convey your uniqueness and individuality through your desserts. 

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