facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | Semifreddo Lemon-Meringue


Whip all the ingredients in a planetary mixer at medium speed, until obtaining a well whipped paste. 


Prepare in a bowl about 70g of CRUMBLE GRANULES and 40g of JOYCOUVERTURE WHITE / EXTRA WHITE CHOC, melted in microwave oven, mix with a soft spatula.

Pour the mixture in a 4cm-high steel circle, lined with triacetate, spread a layer of Biscuit TENDER MIX, place in a blast chiller and let it harden.

Once hardened, spread a homogeneous layer of JOYCREAM LEMONBISCOTTO, then place it in a blast chiller until complete freezing.

Decorate the surface with burnt TOP MERINGUE and lemon slices.

Keep in a freezer at -17°C.


To adjust the consistency, sweetness and softness of the Semifreddo, we suggest to reduce the quantity of TENDER MIX up to max 20% in case of sugar-based pastes (JOYPASTE BISCUIT, JOYPASTE BESAMEMUCHO, JOYPASTE CARAMEL, etc).

The same procedure can be applied to cream in case of fat-base pastes (JOYPASTE NOCCIOLINA, JOYPASTE PISTACCHIO VERDE, JOYPASTE HAZELNUT, etc).