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Pullman bread, gastronomic Panettone, savoury canapés

Difficulty level


PANE & LATTE g 1.000
flour g 1.000
water g 850-900
fresh yeast g 80


Knead all the ingredients reaching a smooth and homogenous dough. Let rest for 10 minutes at 22-24°C. Divide into pieces of the desired weight and roll them up into long loaves of the same lenght of the moulds. Place them inside with the "closure" facing down; let to rise at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 80% for 70-80 minutes. Check the leavening and when the dough has filled ¾ of the mould, close with a suitable lid. When preparing gastronomic "Panettone", the dough has not be rolled up but simply made into a shape that enables it to be easily deposited on the bottom of the paper moulds (which have been lightly greased), where they can then be accurately pressed with hands, so as to reduce the risk of air pocket formation. The toasting bread should be removed from the moulds as soon as baking has finished. It is advisable to let the 'panettone' cool completely before starting the filling procedure.