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Canapés, Focaccias, Hamburger baps, Hot-dog rolls (Rollburg 50%)

Difficulty level


ROLL BURG NUCLEO 50% g 5.000
type 00 white flour g 5.000
water g 4.000-4.500
fresh yeast g 300


ROLL BURG CONCENTRATE 50% g 5.000 Wheat meal g 5.000 Water g 4.000-4.500 Yeast g 300 Kneading time (spiral kneading machine): about 15 minutes Dough temperature: 26°C Resting: 10-15 minutes at 22-24°C Weight scaling: 60g pieces for hamburger baps and hot-dog rolls. 50g pieces for focaccias 30g pieces for canapes Leavening: 50-60 minutes at 28-30°C Baking: at 200-220°C, with steam, time varying between 10 and 20 minutes, according to the product weight. KNEADING: knead the ingredients together to obtain a smooth, uniform consistency. RESTING: leave the dough to rest at 22-24°C for 10-15 minutes. WEIGHT SCALING: cut into pieces of the desired sizes. SHAPING: hamburger baps should be rolled out and placed, slightly flattened, in suitable round moulds; hot dog rolls should be rolled out into long shapes, instead, and placed, also slightly flattened, on baking sheets or in suitable moulds. Focaccias, after having been rolled out and left to rest for 10 minutes, should be pressed into round shapes; just before baking, they should be sprinkled with olive oil and salt. Of course, the focaccias can be flavoured in various ways, depending on the user's imagination or the customer's requests. The canapés must be rolled into round or oval shapes and placed on baking sheets. LEAVENING: leave in a rising room at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 70-80% for 50-60 minutes. BAKING: bake at 200-220°C with a lot of steam, for a time varying from 10 to 20 minutes, according to the product weight. We suggest giving a pleasant shiny finish to the canapés by glazing them with beaten egg before baking, and in this case, they should be baked without steam.