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water g 300
olive oil g 150
fresh yeast g 50


GRANCRACKER g 1.000 Water at 20-24°C g 300 Olive oil g 150 Yeast g 50 Kneading time: 10 minutes (mixer) Dough temperature: 26-27°C Leavening: 15 minutes at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 70-80%. Baking: 10 minutes at 220-230°C KNEADING: knead all the ingredients together in a mixer for 10 minutes until an optimum consistency is obtained. ROLLING: roll out the dough using a suitable machine giving eight folds of three layers and leave to rest at room temperature, and well covered, for about 10 minutes. Roll out again giving two folds of three layers, flouring uniformly the dough surface before folding. Roll out to a thickness of about 1 millimetre and place them on greased baking sheets. LEAVENING: place in a rising room at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 70-80% for 15 minutes. SHAPING: create the cracker shapes in the required sizes using a pastry cutter, moisten the surfaces and prick with a suitable tool, then sprinkle with salt. BAKING: bake at 220-230°C for about 10 minutes.