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DELI CHOUX g 1.000
water g 1.300-1500


Combine DELI CHOUX with the hot water (50-55°C) at medium speed in planetary equipped with paddle attachment for 10-15 minutes until a lump-free dough is obtained; it is advisable to add the water gradually. Leave the dough to rest for about5 minutes then use a pastry bag to deposit it on sheets with ovenproof paper. Bake at 200-220°C in traditional oven and at 170-190°C in ventilated oven for 25-30 minutes according to the size of the products. After cooling briefly, fill and decorate to taste. STORAGE: the products made with DELI CHOUX but which are not used immediately can be kept for several days in polythene bags, taking care to make some holes so that 'sweating' can take place; for longer storage, it is advisable to put them into a freezer.