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FRIBOL g 5.000
strong flour g 5.000
fresh yeast g 300-400
unsalted butter 82% fat g 400
salt g 50
caster sugar g 300
eggs g 2.000
water g 2.500-3.000


FRIBOLg 5.000 Wheat meal g 5.000 Yeast g 400 Butter or cream margarine g 400 Salt g 50 Sugar g 300 Whole eggs g 2.000 Water g 2.500-3.000 Flavourings to taste --Knead all the ingredients together until a smooth, velvety consistency is obtained. Roll up and leave to rest at room temperature for 10 minutes. Divide the dough into pieces of the desired size (usually 50 grammes) and roll them into little balls. Leave in a rising room at 30-32°C with relative humidity of about 70% for 60-70 minutes. Fry in oil at a temperature of 180-190°C. Immediately after frying, roll the doughnuts in caster sugar and dust with BIANCANEVE PLUS.


caster sugar To Taste