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all-purpose flour g 1000
milk 3.5% fat g 800
eggs g 250
fresh yeast g 40
egg yolk g 120
unsalted butter 82% fat g 460
salt g 40


Knead DOLCE FORNO MAESTRO, yeast, milk and eggs until the dough is soft and velvet smooth.

Add egg yolk, salt and knead until they will be completely absorbed.

At the end, add softened butter in 3-4 times.

Portion the dough as you prefere, roll each portion tight in a ball shape and put in the panettone mold.

Let rise at 28-30°C with 70-80% of humidity, until the dough will reach the mold border.


eggs To Taste
water To Taste
Final composition

Brush the surface with beaten egg.

Pour a small quantity of water along the dough border.

Bake at 170-180°C.

Recipe created for you by Luca Salvatori

Pastry Chef and Gelato Maker


Delicious as well with all the other flavours from FRUTTIDOR range of products, you have to taste them!