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Winter Wonderland

8 new recipes for the Fall & Winter season

This is our winter wonderland

Every year we want to capture the enchanting essence of fall and winter, crafting fresh and new recipes that embody the magical atmosphere of the season, able to radiate warmth and comfort to those who make them and to those who taste them. 
We use to call this recipe collection the "Winter Wonderland," where we blend ingredients and design elements to conjure a wonderful and unforgettable taste experience.

Let's take on a journey through Fall, Halloween, Christmas and Winter through the point of view of pastry. 

Stay tuned to discover all the recipes!


New York Roll

The viral croissant recipe, unlocked.
Circular croissant dough with milk chocolate filling, a deliciously smooth toffee caramel heart and a caramel couverture with crunchy inclusions. 

The fall choux

Petit choux with a great soft caramel ganache filling made with our chocolate Sinfonia Caramel Oro and a gianduja crunchy layer.
On top a rich zabaione cream. 


Spookie mono

Nothing to be spooked for, this is going to be your go-to Halloween recipe.
Hazelnut mousse and a soft filling where orange, apple and cinnamon perfectly meet, placed on top of a delightful carrot cake. 

Halloween Donut

When donuts do come with a hole, exquisite things happen. 
Fried donut glazed with dark chocolate and filled with delicious raspberry jam.


Santa cookie

This is not your ordinary Christmas cookie.
Red shortbread base, spiced and whipped single-origin milk chocolate ganache, and tangerine filling. 

Shooting star cake

We are about to make your wishes come true with this Christmas recipe. 
Spiced ginger cake, caramel chocolate whipped ganache, coated with caramel chocolate.


Thousand brownie

The perfect treat to warm up your clients with, this winter.
Cherry and dark gianduja brownies, soft white chocolate and coffee namalaka with a crunchy dark chocolate layer. 


Shortcrust, pistachio financier, caramel chocolate cremeux, all glazed with caramel chocolate.
Four layers for the perfect Winter Wonderland dessert. 

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