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The golden recipe

Get to know our new chocolate: Sinfonia Caramel Oro

The story of a skilful blend

It all started out with a combination of the simplest but finest ingredients, designed by our expert chocolatiers and carefully formulated and refined by our R&D department to create our golden recipe: Sinfonia Caramel Oro.

This is the story behind our new caramel chocolate, with its naturally golden color and its delicate, creamy taste with indulgent toffee nuances, for a warm and cozy taste experience.

Simply delicious: get to know Sinfonia Caramel Oro and add your creativity and immagination for new, sensational creations.

With the simplest ingredients

Naturally golden

Without artificial coloring, it  has a nice, natural amber color and contains only natural flavours.

Milk and derivatives

Milk and its derivatives give this chocolate a unique and round taste, which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of caramel.

With notes of caramel and toffee

Delicious caramelized sugar, with a golden color and a thick and creamy texture.

From professionals to professionals

At IRCA we have a vast expertise in working with chocolate: that's why we focused and studied to design an ingredient that every professional can use, astonishing their customers' senses and sensations at first taste.

Discover how to work with Sinfonia Caramel Oro, exploiting its organoleptic properties at best.

A dream to work with


We suggest to heat it with microwave or in water-bath while constantly mixing, with a melting temperature of 45°C.


To make chocolate more stable, shiny, smooth and with a clear snap, temper and use at 26-28°C


This is the moment when chocolate crystalizes, so keep a temperature of 15-18ºC for perfect results.


We suggest to keep the final product at a temperature of 15-20°C in order to maintain its properties. 

Discover them all

Discover the entire selection of our golden recipes with Sinfonia Caramel Oro

Your golden recipes

As pastry chefs we all have our special recipes, studied to offer unexpected journeys of taste. We call them the "golden recipes"

Sinfonia Caramel Oro was formulated to accompany you in the creation of your most precious recipes, giving you the opportunity to play with your creativity and test new incredible matches by combining the most savory notes to the sweetest ones.

Create your own symphony of taste with Sinfonia Caramel Oro and tag us using the hashtag #mygoldensinfonia.

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