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IRCA goes to Chocolate Culture

Meet us at HOST Milano on Oct 16 - Pavilion 6 (Halls 34-42)

October 16th, Milan

This year we are proud to participate with the Chocolate Culture team, in the first B2B event dedicated to the culture of chocolate at Host Milano. 
This is where we will explore the characteristics and processing potential of this strordinary ingredient through Masterclasses on chocolate, pastry and gelato held by the best Italian Masters, including Davide Comaschi and our Corporate Chef Francesco Maggio, a specialist in chocolate processing.

Creativity and Innovation

Chocolate, with its countless varieties and possible combinations, proves to be one of the most eclectic characters in the food scene, being able to transform itself into unforgettable culinary experiences. 

Every day we bring into play our expertise and continuous research and experimentation, striving to achieve the perfect balance and harmony between all its elements, enhancing its most precious olfactory notes. 

Discover IRCA's Chocolate Line and be inspired by our selection of fine blended chocolates.

Event calendar

MON 16 OCT, h 10:00IRCA teamIntroductionTalk
MON 16 OCT, h 10:30Paolo Brunelli (Ambasciatori del Gusto)Non c’è niente di normale in un Gelato al CioccolatoMasterclass with tasting
MON 16 OCT, h 11:30

Franco Puglisi (Punto IT)
Alessandro Piccinini (MIG)

La destagionalizzazione delle Gelaterie grazie al CioccolatoThink & Talk
MON 16 OCT, h 12:30

Andrea Riva Gelart
Andrea Zingrillo Gelateria Wally

Il Cioccolato in GelateriaMasterclass with tasting
MON 16 OCT, h 13:30

Matteo Papa (ALMA)

Dalla Tradizione all’evoluzione in CucinaMasterclass with tasting
MON 16 OCT, h 14:30

Luigi Margiovanni (ALMA)

Dessert al piattoMasterclass 
MON 16 OCT, h 15:30

Denis Buosi (APEI)
Andrea Buosi

Cioccolato da bereMasterclass with tasting
MON 16 OCT, h 16:00Francesco Maggio (IRCA Corporate Chef)Il Cioccolato nella Pasticceria VeganMasterclass with tasting
MON 16 OCT, h 16:30

Enrico Cerea (Da Vittorio)
Davide Comaschi e Andrea Sinigaglia (ALMA)

Ristorazione 3.0Think & Talk
MON 16 OCT, h 17:30

Mauro Crivellaro (MIG)

Il Gelato al CioccolatoMasterclass
MON 16 OCT, h 18:00IRCA TeamIl Gelato al CioccolatoLab