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Chocosmart Caramel Crumble

For a surprising coating!

Our Finest line is enriched with a new anhydrous coating cream: CHOCOSMART CARAMEL CRUMBLE.

With 10% white chocolate with salted caramel (fleur de sel) and its caramel inclusions, it offers a surprising "crumble" effect on the palate. 
It's the perfect cream to give your sweet creations a crumble glaze with a thick and dry texture.

You can use it both for sweets to be stored at room temperature and for delicacies stored in the refrigerator and is extremely fluid and pleasant to use at temperatures around 32-35°C, allowing you to easily obtain a thin cover that guarantees a clean cut without cracks.

Discover some recipes featuring CHOCOSMART CARAMEL CRUMBLE

CHOCOSMART CARAMEL CRUMBLE knows how to do its job... and much more!

You can also use it as a delicious filling cream, ideal for cakes, tartlets, pralines, single servings, eclaire and cream puffs.

All you need to do is melt it at 28/30°C and dress it directly in the product or mount it in a planetary mixer to get a softer texture, ideal for the sac à poche.

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