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The 5 senses in ice cream

A journey through 5 unusual ice cream and chocolate combos

The ultimate sensorial experience

IRCA Ice Cream Makers have come up with a revolutionary approach to ice cream: 5 extraordinary taste combinations designed to engage your customers' taste buds in a unique experience through its molecular elements.

The combination of these flavours had already been explored through chocolate, its scents and olfactory notes. But in ice cream, this experiment is even more complex due to its low temperature, which makes taste perception more difficult.

Join us on this sensorial journey and get inspired by the bright and vivid colours, by the peculiar notes and flavours and


The first ice cream you're going to make will have sour notes, which will prepare the taste buds for the other more intense flavors.
This zesty, tart lime swirl is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of white chocolate, enhanced by notes of cardamom and a hint of salt.


Next, you will be making a chocolate sorbet characterized by the sweet notes of honey, of tangy orange and the fresh scent of rosemary.


The neutral sense: the enveloping and unmistakable taste of milk chocolate Minuetto Latte Santo Domingo 38% enriched by the scents of a Caribbean island, the strong flavor of soy sauce and refreshed by the notes of lime swirl.


The taste of dark Minuetto Fondente Madagascar 72% enriched by the spicy flavor of anise and cinnamon, and the strong scent of tea, elevated by the firmness of salted caramel to stimulate salivation.


Let's finish this journey through the 5 senses with the beauty and the intensity of Italian coffee combined with the decisive flavour of dark Caribbean chocolate, with a hint of salt to enhance its fine taste. 

Surprise your customers with this sensory ice-cream journey, download the PDF with all these delicious recipes!