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5 things you need to know for 2023

The top Pastry and Bakery trends

Authenticity, wellbeing and discovery

Consumers are always changing: they change habits, they change beliefs and what they value. This continuos shift impacts the market every year, bringing changes also to the food sector, making it necessary for professionals to understand the environment they work in. 
Always more demanding and skilled, consumers are entering 2023 wanting to rewrite the narrative at their own terms.
But one thing never changes: they always look for moments of happiness and food plays a crucial role in this giving a sense of stability, normality and enjoyment. 

At IRCA we keep an eye on the evolving trends all across the globe, adapting our product offer to the current times: sit tight and deep dive with us into the upcoming Pastry and bakery trends.

1. Authentic flavours

Who made it? Where do the ingredients come from?
More and more consumers are defining craftsmanship and authenticity as an essential aspect in their shopping experience: they want to know the story behind every good they buy, while looking for intense flavours and authentic tastes. 

This is what we did with our single-origin chocolates, finding an extraordinary harmony and a perfect balance between each element, highlighting the most precious sensorial notes.

2. Functional properties

Health is becoming a social issue that especially younger generations have close to their hearts.
For this reason, it is becoming more important to design foods that answers to this fundamental need1.
We created a dedicated bakery line with carefully selected and skilfully combined ingredients that, blended together, obtain breads with exeptional sensorial properties with great nutritional values.

3. Newstalgia: new + nostalgia

Nothing compares to the memory of our favourite childhood foods, to that sense of familiarity and intimacy.
Nowadays consumers are actually looking for familiar foods matched with new flavours and elaborated with a unique and modern twist. 

Go back in time with us and re-discover some of our favourite classic recipes. 

4. the Affordable indulgence

51% of people globally say they try to have as much fun now and let the future take care of itself2.
Consumers are haunted by the uncertainty for the future, that's why they want to make the most out of the here and now, looking for joy in day-to-day moments and for new occasions to celebrate. 
Bakery products, pastries and single portion desserts represent the perfect way to elevate the everyday. They are the small luxury consumers are still down to enjoy, making an ordinary moment special (affordably).

5. Discovering new tastes

Ready to find out today what your customers will love tomorrow? 
Customers love fusing different cultures, discovering new tasting experiences now more than ever and living real sensorial journeys. 
Umami, one of the fundamentals tastes, and "Swicy" given by sweet + spicy flavours, are working their way also in pastry and chocolate creations. 

Discover how to stimulate your customers' taste with chocolate and gelato.  

Otherwise, if you want our products but still do not have a distributor, contact us.


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