Calendario Corsi

Our training offering

The IRCA Academy runs courses on patisserie, chocolate, breadmaking and gelato making. They are organised by level to suit the participants’ expertise and degree of specialisation and by their degree of involvement: the courses in One-to-One workshops provide hands-on learning, while the courses in One-to-Many workshops offer a watch-and-learn approach.

“Creating” Workshop

The room is kitted out with the best equipment currently available on the market and 12 working stations positioned to create areas where participants can share equipment or work individually.

“Learning” Workshop

The learning workshops offer a more theory-based approach to teaching, giving participants a more in-depth look at the wide variety of subjects. The room seats 90 people and has an impressive workbench, almost like a stage, surrounded by an array of state-of-the-art equipment so attendees can easily watch the chefs during live demonstrations.